Clipr Vod Downloader Beta

posted 2 years ago by Shane

We are excited to announce the release of our new VOD downloader. Having an online Twitch VOD downloader has been a very sought after addition to the Clipr website. We aimed to make VOD downloading simplistic and as fast as we possibly could.

Remember Its in beta

One thing to note is that the Clipr VOD downloader is still in beta and will probably have hiccups and kinks we need to iron out. If you find any bugs, please report them on twitter @clipr_xyz or email us at [email protected].


Some of the limitations of downloading Twitch VODs is that it requires a significant amount of system resources. The reliance on our backend means that the downloader is utilizing our bandwidth, disk space, and processing power. If the downloader is slow, it is most likely because the server is overloaded and processing many requests. At the launch of the beta, we have one server hosted on the west coast of the united states. We chose this location because of our vast amount of traffic from Asia. In the future, we will be launching two more backend nodes. We will be adding one processing server on the east coast, and one server in Europe.

You can check our system status here.


We want to give recognition to the Concat who wrote the backend tool we are utilizing to make our service possible. We also want to thank them for providing such an excellent VOD downloading service that they, unfortunately, had to shut down. We also want to give a big thank you to concat-web as it provided an excellent example of implementing Concat using celery and popen.

Thank you all for using our service, we hope to provide an excellent experience downloading VODs online!