Top Twitch Clips of the week: July 16th

posted 3 years ago by Shane

We are going to start posting weekly updates of the top 5 most downloaded clips using Clipr. This toplist will be from every game, including IRL.

#1 .................... by tacosdearepa

Download this clip with Clipr (Clip removed from Twitch)

This clip came in as our #1 most downloaded clip. It was downloaded 40 times this week, beating the next clip by 11 downloads.

We don’t speak that great of spanish here at Clipr, but it seems like this guy got rather mad while playing Fortnite. We tried to take a look at his channel, but it appears that it is currently banned.

#2 Jump pad heavy air shot by Ninja

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This clip was our second most downloaded clip with 29 downloads this week. To no surprise it is a Fortnite clip by Ninja.

Even though we don’t play Fortnite us at Clipr can appreciate how awesome this jump pad play was.

#3 CLIP THAT by Ninja

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This next clip was downloaded 24 times. Another amazing Fortnite clip by Ninja. Ninja gets the most insane falling kill to win the match. This guy is a highlight machine!

#4 FLIPPIN S E X Y by Ninja

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This next one came in at 22 downloads and is yet another Ninja Fortnite clip. Since we don’t play fortnite we aren’t quite sure what happens here, but we know its an amazing game win by the yelling of Ninja’s squad.

#5 Ninja trolling DrLupo by Ninja

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The last clip of the week had 21 downloads and also was ninja. So what we are learning today is that people LOVE ninja and Fortnite.


Hopefully this little experiment was interesting to see what other users are downloading using Clipr. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us through our about page.