Whats next for Clipr?

posted 3 years ago by Shane

Clipr was first written and made public on May 11th. Since then Clipr has had a redesign and 48 commits of improvements.

The most notable changes to Clipr thus far have been:

  • Complete Design overhaul
    • Clipr had a scraggly old bootstrap look and we brought it into the 21st century with a nice and modern design.
  • Reliability fixes
    • When Clipr first came out there were issues downloading some clips from the twitch.tv API, but since then we have fixed that and have improved the performance significantly.
  • The Clipr blog
    • This has been the biggest addition to the site and hopefully has helped our users gain insight into our service/
  • The help page
    • We wish this page wasn’t needed, but we have had a bunch of issues with clips playing instead of downloading! We decided it would be the best to implement this page sooner rather than later.

With all these changes, whats next?

The next feature we plan on implementing into Clipr is the Ability to download Twitch VODs and highlights. We have started researching how we would like to implement this feature into our site, and we are just about ready to start coding. As soon as my summer school ends I will begin implementing a VOD downloader

Problems with building a web-based VOD downloader

The biggest issues with implementing a VOD downloader is the bandwidth costs. When a user downloads a clip from Clipr, the download is hosted through twitch.tv. When we implement our new VOD downloader the downloads are going to be served from the Clipr backend server.

This requires us to purchase a new backend server to do the processing and hosting of the VODs. Luckily we are in contact with a provider who will do this for very cheap. At the moment we are not monetizing this service, but we may be looking into implementing some Adsense to help displace the server costs when we launch the new features.